ARTHUR THEATRE is pleased to welcome you to its website and invites you to follow its upcoming productions... 



- To promote exchanges between Chinese and European culture;

- To create performances, adapting novels for the theatre;
- To organize drama festivals, workshops and drama classes;



Founded in 2010 by Carole Ventura, ARTHUR THEATRE has presented four of its main creations in China. These were in French, with Chinese subtitles:

“L’écume des Jours”, produced by Nanluoguxiang Festival and Star Theatre

“L'arrache-cœur”, produced by Penghao Theatre

“Histoire de Vian”, in partnership with French Embassy ( Beijing- Chengdu)

" The first man", produced by LFIP Beijing



Having more than 10 years experience teaching drama, we organize in China drama classes and workshops open to professional and amateurs, to children and adults. We collaborate with various schools and companies.  




"The inner life of the imagination should be shown on the scene to the audience. This life is rich and revealing for the audience as well as for the actor himself. "
Michael Checkhov