Carole Ventura


2002-2003 Completed study programme at National Drama Academy “Silvio d’Amico” ITALY

1998-2001 Actor’s training at “La Scène sur Saône” institute, FRANCE directed by J.P Bacri

2007 Contemporary Drama seminar with Mamadou Dioume- ROME

2005 Clown seminar with Giovanna d’Ettore, PARIS

2001 “Contemporary ‘Comicité” seminar with J.C.Bolle-Reddat, LYON

2000 Film Acting seminar with P.Nottoli- LYON

2000 Modern Literature Bachelor’s Degree, University Lyon III



2007-2009 Argentin Tango with Mauro Barreras

2002-2005 Acrobatic rock'n'roll and swing with Sandro d’Ippoliti

2004-2007 Contemporary dance with Brunella de Biase and Monica Vannucchi



French as mother tongue. Bilingual Italian. Fluent in English and Spanish.



2011 Creation and ideation of the performance “Ponts des Arts” for French Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala.

2009 Founder, organizer GrazieVian Festival, memory of Boris Vian, 50 years after his death

2005 Founder, organizer and member of jury for short theatre festival “Corto-Concorso” hosted by the Municipality of Rome and the Province. ( For 3 years)

2004 Founded theatre company “Gruppo Cicala” in Rome



- Since 2009: Theatre instructor in French School of Beijing (students from 7 to 18 years old)

- 2001-2008: Theatre instructor in Rome at the French School, the Petite Ecole, The French (students from 3 to 6 years old)

- Since 2005: Theatre Instructor for various stages and classes for adults ( Amateurs groups in Rome, French School in Rome, Alliance Française of Beijing, Beijing University of Languages II, Thé Vers , etc…)  

- Since 2009: Drama in education Teacher at Drama Rainbow School in Beijing ( Children from 3 to 8 years old)

- 2010-2011: Training as drama in education teacher with Chris Cooper and Kostas Amoiropoulos

- 1998: Diploma of animation facilitator specialized in drama.



2009 " Scacco matto" Film noir by Vincenzo Ceccato

2008 « Il Fiume ghiacciato » Videoart.  By Vincenzo Ceccato

2007 Actress in promotional video for Lancia Ypsilon, featured in “Lanciamoci amore”

Performance in Villa Miani, Rome

2006 Lead role in the short film “Maledetta Me”, directed by Jesùs Garcés Lambert. Genre

drama. Produced by Appetito Film. Festival Arcipelago 2007

2006 Soap.opera “Sotto Casa”, produced by Videa for RaiUno national Italian network

2006 Various roles in “L’Italia Su Due”, RaiDue national network

2005 Promotional video for Sabina Region Chamber of Commerce

2004 Lead role in the short film “The suicide” from “The Human Voice” by Cocteau, directed by Josip Duella

2004 Role in short film “Terrorist attack in Moscow Theatre”, directed by Sarenco




June 2011 Adapted, directed and acted "The foam of the daze" BEIJING- NORTH THEATRE

April 2011 Directed the company "Thé Vers" 

2010-2009 Monologue from Boris Vian’s novel “L’arrache-coeur”. Adapt, direct and play by Carole Ventura . ITALY: Rome/Potenza/Poggio Mirteto/ FRANCE: Lyon/ CHINA: Beijing

2010 Musical reading “Histoire de Vian” from Boris Vian’s romances and poetries. BEIJING- CHENGDU

2009-2010 Actress and director in “Vian Jazz & Blues”- Musical Reading based on Boris Vian’s selected works. With Gianfranco Salvatore (soundscape) , Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet) . In Roma (Casa del Jazz), Beijing, Chengdu ( French Cultural Center)

2008 Author of the romance “La vita non è un lungo fiume tranquillo”

2007 Actress/Writer of comedy “Sapere tutto”, with Elena Ferrari and Barbara Comisso.

Festival Castiglioncello- Effetto Venezia Livourne- Zoom Festival Florence

2004-2008 Main actress for Gruppo Cicala productions:

   -“Le vin à la carte”, interactive performance in french– Lyon

-“Menu Cinema”, one-act play with Gruppo Cicala on the subject of love in well-known movies.

The audience chooses scenes from famous movies from a menu and the actors become the main characters of these movies.On tour in various provincial and regional locales and theatres.

   - “Cinetrasporto”. Tagliacozzo Festival, tour in Abruzzo region

   -“Theatrical Menu” Musical and theatrical performance based on the subject of wine. On tour in various wine bars, art galleries, locales and restaurants.

2001 “Les Petits Combats”, produced by Harry Holtzman, Lyon



2005-2009 Stefano Coluccini’s assistant on: Astrazioni presente in Schenectady (USA) / Eyes on people / Pixel-action/ WYSIWIL/ Hot zones



2008 Performance dance-theatre “Adieu ma belle”- Theater villa Flora, Rome

2007 Performance for Lancia Ypsilon, produced by Biagetti & Partners

2004 Dance- theatre performance, produced by Riccardo Bergamini, Rome

2003 Performance created by Federico Paris and Guillermo Mariotto, Atelier Gattinoni’s stylist hosted by the Municipality of Rome



2010 "You and me". Pantomime from Philippe Bizot. BEIJING

2010 "Baptiste". Pantomime from Philippe Bizot. Role : Colombine. BEIJING

2008 Play Luisa Casati Stampa at Andersen Museum. Esplor/Azioni de Gioia Costa

2008 “La vita nova” from Dante. Produced by Compagnie Teatro Giovane

2007 “Enea’s Words”, taken from The Eneide. produced by Antonio Mastellone

2006 “The House of Bernarda Alba”, G. Lorca. Character: Adèle

2003 “The Inquest”, P.Weiss. Teatro Duse, Rome

2003-2004 “Rivista”, produced by M. Maltauro. Piccolo Teatro Colosseo, Rome

1999 “Penthesilée”, Kleist. Main character

1999 “Electre”, Euripide. Main character

1997 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, W. Shakespeare. Character: Titania