ARTHUR THEATRE was founded in Beijing (2010) by Carole Ventura.


So far ARTHUR THEATRE has presented three of its main creations in China. These were in French, with Chinese subtitles: “L’écume des Jours”, “L'arrache-cœur”, and “Histoire de Vian”. Our upcoming productions will include non-verbal theatre as well as French and Chinese performances.

ARTHUR THEATRE’s creations focus on the directing of literary works, on the study of drama as an educational tool, and on the creation of performances for various kinds of events.


Our objectives:

-ARTISTIC: to create plays with a team of professional actors;

-CULTURAL: to strengthen, through literature, theatre, music and dance, the cultural exchanges between China and Europe; to promote the French culture in China and the Chinese culture in Europe;

-EDUCATIONAL: to organize talks, classes, conferences and festivals on drama.