PONT DES ARTS, created by Arthur Theatre


Created for French Chamber of Commerce in Beijing on the theme of the bridge between Paris and Beijing, Arthur Theatre created the performance « Ponts des arts » with visual, elegant and comic lines. Pictures of Paris and Beijing were projected on screens during the performance.

Arthur Theatre had chosen to create an elegant aestheticism closed to Sofitel Ballroom standard, an artistic line to connect different arts, and a comic line to create dynamism during the evening.

The journey “Ponts des Arts” took the guests from classic theatre in romantic Parisian atmosphere to colorful and lively Beijing Opera and music.

Performance directed by Carole Ventura

Artistic Assistant : Viviane de Rosevaie

Coordinator: Jane Wang


Costumes by ESMOD and MUSHI

Masks créated by Niko de la Faye

Pictures of Philippe Bourgeois and Yann Romain


Lyric Singer: Elsa Levy

Pianist: Ye Jiaxin

Zhong Guo da Gu interpreted by Wang Yue


Beijing Opera: Zhu Xuguang, Ren Tian Jiao, Li Pengjie

Interprters: Viviane de Rosevaie, Sifan Shao, Carole Ventura


and Ariane Ausseur, Elise Dupont, Claire Favrelière, Laure Favrelière, Océane Francioli, Aurélia Gai, Alexis Hebras Chloé Leys, Rosalind Lu, Arthur Paumard, Valentine Reltien, Anna Ren, Amina Souleymane, Eric Tehia, Clarisse Tistchenka, Margaux de Wilde, Ma Xinxin



One French drama director is rehearsing in Paris, « Dom Juan » written by Molière, with her actors.Unsatisfied with the rehearsals, the director asks the actors to leave and calls a Lyric singer to interpret scenes of “Dom Giovanni” from Mozart. However, lacking of inspiration, the director sends also away the singer and sits desperate, until she is given the idea to have a trip in China.

In China, The French director meets Zhong Guo Da Gu artists and Beijing Opera’s artists. Immediately inspired by the rhythmic work of the Chinese artists, the French director imagines her Dom Juan more and more martial…

Indeed, back to Paris, the director shares her ideas with the actors, opening a luggage full of Chinese souvenirs. Satisfied, the French director presents her final version of Dom Juan, written by Molière, and inspired by Chinese performing arts.