LANCIAMOCI AMORE, 20th march 2007

Arthur Theatre creates a theatrical performance in occasion to the inauguration of Lancia Ypsilon "Blue&Me" et Lancia Musa "SKY".

The performance was created to illustrate the technological potentialities of Blue&Me system inside the New Ypsilon and SKY application in the Musa.
Intitled "Lanciamoci Amore" and coordinated by the producer Riccardo Biagetti, the performance was presented in front of national and international press.

Inspired to Matrix futuristic atmosphere, the performance was taking place in a false cinematographic set where a troupe was about to shoot, before they realized that the two main actors had disappeared… After a frenetic panic, the director-assistant managed to find them, respectively in their cars, a New Ypsilon Blue&Me and a Musa SKY, subjugated by numerous and technological innovations, occupied to interact together through a technological system of communication integrated to their cars.

Riccardo Biagetti, Marco Lungo, Sophie Savoie, Carole Ventura

Director: Sophie Savoie
Interprets: Raffaelo Fusaro, Marica Gungui, Cristiano Leopardi, Marco Lungo, Margherita Massicci, Andrea Ricciardi, Carole Ventura, Arpad Vincenti
Stage design: Federico Paris

Costume: Gattinoni Couture


Script: Riccardo Biagetti, Marco Lungo, Sophie Savoie, Carole Ventura
Shooting and editing: Jesus Garces Lambert
Director Assistant: Karla de la Pena Arcos
Voices off: Maddalena Nicosia, Marco Lungo, Raffaelo Fusaro