Adapted from Boris Vian's genius novel, the show is a monolodrama directed and acted by Carole Ventura accompanied by jazz pianist, Moreno Donadel.

The two artists recreate successfully the author’s surrealistic, comic and ungrateful world.


Stage design: Yang Qian

Costume: Mushi -  Caroline Deleens

Make-up and hair: Catherine de France


“L'Ecume des Jours” is the most heartbreaking love story of modern western literature.



It tells us about love and fate. Whatever happens, that is poetry and that is to consider with humour.

This is the story of Colin, “a good-looking and kind person, always in a good mood and smiling like a baby.” Colin wants to fall in love and, when he meets Chloé, the fate is done. His heart will get bigger and bigger but Colin could not live quietly for a long time in his shrinking house where Chloé will catch a strange sickness.